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Lyman Casting Equipment: Top Punches

A2Z Outdoors offers Lyman Top Punches that fit the Lyman 450  Lube Sizer, 4500 Lube Sizer, and are compatible with the RCBS Lube-A-Matic-2 Bullet Sizer/Lubricator.  We offer a wide selection of Lyman Top Punches for a wide variety of both rifle and pistol calibers.  

lymanb.gif (4628 bytes)

Lyman Products Corporation
475 Smith Street
Middletown, CT 06457


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Lyman Top Punches are machined to fit bullet nose shape exactly in order to eliminate nose deformation. Fits Lyman 450/4500 Lube Sizer and RCBS Lube-A-Matic-2 Bullet Sizer/Lubricator.


Top Punch Chart:  Pistol


Bullet Description

Bullet Picture

Top Punch #

Item Number




Designed for the 32 Colt or Savage pistols. Good bullet for 30 Mauser and Tokarov.

311252.gif (1100 bytes) 465 LYM2786742 10
32 Designed for the 32 S&W. Good 32 ACP bullet. 313249.gif (678 bytes) 226 LYM2786703 10
9mm Light (90gr) 9mm Luger bullet. Good for 380 Auto. 356242.gif (698 bytes) 311 LYM2786710 10
9mm Standard 9mm bullet. Tapered nose for positive feeding. 356402.gif (945 bytes) 402 LYM2786723 10
9mm Requested heavier 120gr bullet for 9mm. Good accuracy reported. 356242B.gif (841 bytes) 311 LYM2786710 10
38/357 Excellent 38 Special wadcutter target bullet. Crimped in forward band. 358091.gif (1019 bytes) 495 LYM2786769 10
38/357 Good mid-range bullet. Semi wadcutter for 357 Mag and 38 Special. No gas check. 358477.gif (982 bytes) 429 LYM2786731 10
38/357 Ray Thompsonís design. Two crimp grooves, 1st for 357 Mag, 2nd for 38 Special 358156.gif (1777 bytes) 429 LYM2786731 10
38/357 Designed for Cowboy Action. Will function and give good accuracy in both rifles and pistols. Bore riding nose for alignment of this bullet has been widely copied 358665.gif (1201 bytes) 495 LYM2786769 10
38/357 The standard 38 Special bullet. Should be roll crimped in front groove.
358311.gif (1021 bytes) 311 LYM2786710 10
38/357 Elmer Keithís design for excellent accuracy when loaded light or to magnum velocities 358429.gif (984 bytes) 429 LYM2786731 10
38/357 Designed as a heavy, hard hitting, 357 Mag bullet. 358430.gif (967 bytes) 430 LYM2786732 10
45 Auto Standard hard ball design for 45 ACP. Very accurate and positive feeding 452374A.gif (1498 bytes) 374 LYM2786719 10
45 Colt Standard bullet for pre-WWII 45 Colt revolvers
454190.gif (1166 bytes) 190 LYM2786700 10
45 Colt Designed by Elmer Keith for the 45 Colt. Very accurate 452424.gif (1203 bytes) 424 LYM2786230 10
45 Colt Ray Thompson design with gas check for the 45 Colt and 45 Auto Rim. 452424.gif (1203 bytes) 424 LYM2786230 10
45  Hollow point 45 caliber for positive function in 45 Automatic (45 ACP). 452374.gif (1991 bytes) 374 LYM2786719 10

**These bullet illustrations are artists renderings courtesy of Lyman Products. They are for general reference only and are not intended to be precise representations.


Top Punch Chart:  Rifle


Bullet Description

Bullet Picture

Top Punch #

Item Number




Designed by Guy Loverin for the 22 Hornet. Closely resembles the 22 Long rifle bullet in shape

225438.gif (1533 bytes) 438 LYM2786733 10
.22 Medium weight for 22 Hornet and other 22 centerfire cartridges 225415.gif (1533 bytes) 415 LYM2786726 10
6mm Designed by Guy Loverin. Holds lots of lube. Good for high velocity in 6mm (243) cal rifles 245496.gif (1069 bytes) 203 LYM2786748 10
.25 First designed for Australian jackrabbit shooting. Fine for medium velocity in 25 cal rifles.
257420.gif (1669 bytes) 420 LYM2786728 10
6.5mm Another Guy Loverin design. Good for 6.5 rifles, 6.5 x 55, 6.5 Japanese, etc 266469.gif (1837 bytes) 463 LYM2786741 10
7mm Light weight, mid-range, 7mm bullet originally designed for Spanish Mauser, (7 x 57).  287346.gif (1784 bytes) 346 LYM2786715 10
30 M1/ 7.62x39 mm Light weight 30 cal bullet. Designed for M1 Carbine. Good 100 yard 30 cal bullet 311359.gif (1639 bytes) 359 LYM2786772 10
30 M1/ 7.62x39 mm Light weight 30 cal plinker without gas check. Good 7.62 x 39 bullet 311410.gif (990 bytes) 467 LYM2786743 10
.30 Designed many years ago. Shoots extremely well in most 30 cal cartridges, 30-30, 30-06, etc 311291.gif (1918 bytes) 465 LYM2786742 10
.30 Designed for 30-40 Krag and 30-06. Good accuracy 311332.gif (1844 bytes) 413 LYM2786725 10
.30 A new 30 caliber 195 grain gas check mould designed by John Ardito. Features a bore riding nose which tapers up to meet the driving bands.  359 LYM2786772 10
.30 Reintroduced for 30 cal cartridges at request of the shooters looking for a heavy 30 caliber. 314299.gif (1883 bytes) 467 LYM2786743 10
314 dia. Designed for the 303 British for 200 to 600 yards. A scaled up version of the 311299. Excellent accuracy
314299.gif (1883 bytes) 467 LYM2786743 10
8mm Another Guy Loverin light weight design for 8mm Mauser 323470.gif (2016 bytes) 470 LYM2786745 10
.35 Originally designed for 35 Remington Auto. Gives fine accuracy at higher velocities in 358 Winchester 358315.gif (1929 bytes) 311 LYM2786710 10
38-55 First bullet designed for original 38-55. Excellent in lever action 38-55. 375248.gif (1203 bytes) 449 LYM2786736 10
.375 Designed for 375 H&H Mag. Also shoots well in 38-55 lever actions and other 375 cal rifles. 375449.gif (2072 bytes) 449 LYM2786736 10
.378/38-55 New heavy 38-55 bullet for B.P.C.S. or long range Buffalo shooting, especially in single shot rifles 378674.gif (1305 bytes) 663 LYM2786779 10
.40 Cal 

(410 dia.)

Heavy 40 cal bullet designed for Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette 410655.gif (1578 bytes) 449 LYM2786736 10
.40 Cal Snover 410 Designed by Ron Snover. This B.P.C.S. bullet has the highest ballistic coefficient of all 40 cal bullets and higher than most 45-70 bullets. 410663.gif (1338 bytes) 663 LYM2786779 10
.45 This is the standard 45-70 Government bullet. Original soft bullet weighed 405 grains 457124.gif (2353 bytes) 374 LYM2786719 10
.45 Gas check design 45 cal bullet for the 458 Winchester Mag and single shot rifles where a gas check is desired for higher velocity 457671.gif (2923 bytes) 374 LYM2786719 10
.45 This is the original standard 500 grain 45-70 Government bullet. This has been in the mould line for nearly 100 years 457125.gif (2015 bytes) 374 LYM2786719 10
.50 The standard 50-70 bullet. Will cast to .515". 515141.gif (2019 bytes) 141 LYM2786696 10



Your Lyman Product has been produced under rigid standards of manufacture and inspection. However, if your Lyman product is found to be defective in material or workmanship within one year of delivery to the first retail purchaser, Lyman warrants they will repair or replace it without charge.

If you require service under this warranty, please return the complete item along with a letter of explanation, including your complete name and address, freight prepaid to the factory at the address listed below. Your Lyman product will be repaired or replaced and returned to you within 21 days of their receipt. In making any return of a Lyman product to the factory, please be sure it is packaged with proper care to protect it from damage in transit.

Lyman states that its warranty cannot apply to a defect which results from misuse, abuse, neglect, accident or improper care, or if your Lyman product has been altered or repaired by anyone other than factory personnel.

If the item is out of warranty and is in need of repairs, the Lyman product should also be returned to the same address listed below. Appropriate charges will apply for parts and labor. Estimates are available only when the item has been thoroughly inspected by their repair personnel.

Lyman Products Corporation
475 Smith Street
Middletown, CT 06457
Attn: Service Department



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